The 28th district spans from Gainesville to Montross and as far as south as Spotsylvania County.  My home since high school, Stafford County, sits right in the middle.  We are home to the United States Marine Corps, United States Navy, and the birthplace of our nation’s intelligence community.  We have breweries and vineyards; agriculture and aquaculture; and suburban neighborhoods in between.

Our needs vary across the district but our ask from our government is all the same. Regardless of our zip code we want a quality education for our children, access to affordable healthcare and internet, and we do not want to spend most of our lives sitting in traffic.  Our time is valuable and every minute spent sitting in traffic is a minute not spent with the people we love.  Most importantly, we want to feel heard by our elected officials.

I am running to represent the people and the needs of the 28th District – the educators who helped raise me, the business owners who gave me my first job, and the neighbors who supported me through life’s ups and downs.  I am running to improve our quality of life because I know that when we speak with one voice, our voice will be heard.